About us

IMPACT is designed to improve patient safety by enhancing the skills of senior medical trainee doctors who manage acute medical admissions. All major acute presentations are covered as IMPACT is mapped to the UK core medical curriculum.
RS3700 RS3700 DSC0828

IMPACT is aimed at IMT1/2 level trainees in Acute Medicine, General Internal Medicine and Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) programmes.

Foundation doctors intending to embark on a career in any of the aforementioned specialties can undertake the course after completion of 8 months of acute medical specialties in their FY2 year but must bear in mind that the standard of teaching is pitched at IMT1/2 level.

You should have successfully completed an Advanced Life Support (ALS) course before you attend an IMPACT Course.

Why this course?

IMPACT is intended to improve patient safety by enhancing the skills of doctors managing acute medical admissions.  All major acute presentations mapping to the UK core medical curriculum are incorporated into this learning.

How does IMPACT work?

IMPACT consists of three parts:

1.  E-Learning Package: This provides online reading and MCQs which should be completed prior to attending the course. Your Centre Administrator will monitor your progress. 

2.  The two-day in-person IMPACT course taught by experienced faculty with specific IMPACT training.

3.  Continuous assessment throughout the course, with a test scenario carried out on the second afternoon of the course.